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Fiscal Responsibility Conference

One of the things I love about liberals is not just their deep hypocrisy, but also their confidence that the American public is to stinking stupid to see it.  In part they are right about that.  After all somebody keeps sending Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi back to Washington. Several million actually voted for this president.  The liberals have good reason to assume that the American public is to stupid to see the truth about them. Part of it really is.


Obama has announced that he is going to cut the deficit by half.  Well good for him.  I just have a question or two.  Does Obama intend to reduce the deficit by half of what the deficit was BEFORE he signed into law the 775 billion dollar Democrat wish list, the biggest spending bill in our history?  The same 775 billion dollar bill that is full of earmarks that we are not allowed to call earmarks?  That bill?  Can we reduce that by half? 


Maybe Obama intends to reduce the deficit by half of what it became after he also added the housing bill in which he decided to reward those who do not pay their mortgages by punishing those who do pay their mortgages?


 Is this reduction of the deficit going to at least get us back to the levels of the Bush deficit, as bad as those were? Can we reduce the bill back to what it was before Obama took the oath of office?  I mean. I would at least like to get back to that. 


Frankly this President who ranted and raved about the Republicans’ fear mongering and after ranting and raving about the debt he inherited from the Bush administration, used fear mongering to plunge this nation into even more breath taking crippling debt just last week. 


That was This week?  Why this is a new week.  This week he blatantly held a fiscal responsibility conference yesterday. A fiscal responsibility conference!!!  Like a liberal would recognize a responsibility if one walked up and bit him on the nose.   Still Obama after increasing the budget he decries by another 775 billion on pork projects that have nothing at all to do with helping the economy holds a fiscal responsibility conference.  I do recognize that for liberals looking like they are doing something is the same as doing something, still a fiscal responsibility conference? That is epitome of hypocrisy.


Obama and the liberals are counting on our not noticing this hypocrisy.  After all he signed the pork bill last week. Surely the American public will not remember.  He may be right.   The liberal media will inundate the non thinking with the idea that we should  applauded this president for his ‘courage.’  


Now all you Kool-Aid drinkers repeat after me:

Obama is going to reduce the deficit by half.

Obama is going to pay my mortgage

Obama is going to save us

Obama is going to make my life trouble free.

Obama is the messiah


 And the liberals love to have it so.


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