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RepublicaNation: A community for Republicans, Conservatives, France bashers, etc. Go ahead, rant. That's why we're here. Just don't say anything pro-Democrat, pro-Liberal, or pro-France, or you risk being banned.

This community was created by remark, but it has since been adopted starchaser57.
Even though this is an open community that anyone can join, don't think you can take us down from the inside. Posting access must now be granted by a moderator, so as to prevent any lefties from posting. republicanation was not always this way, we were once trusting. This inconvenience for everyone was caused by the actions of a liberal who thought they could pull one over on us. To request posting access to this community, comment on this entry.


If you want, you may put the graphic above in your userinfo. It is completely optional, but it would help the growth of the community. If you want to put it in your userinfo, go to this entry.

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